"You are invited to indulge your sense of colour in the industrial home of London based artist Matt GJ Lawrence. A selection of paintings amassed over the last three years has been carefully assembled for Lawrence’s debut exhibition at the ex-pencil factory in Seven Sisters.

‘Beneath The Surface of The Day’ gives an insight into a world beyond what we see on our everyday-to-day business. Allot of the time many of us find our minds and bodies being over consumed by living in a hectic city, where days sweep by without any attention to the build up of emotions life and relationships throw at us.

Lawrence uses his primal method of painting as a gateway into the shadows of his subconscious. The artist initially projects a dark enigmatic hole onto the canvas mirroring the vortex of lowest emotions our conscious mind puts aside. Then with a luminous pallet and expressive brushwork he can mentally peel away and reveal what exists in the darkness, surfacing hidden feelings that have been swelling in the body.

The vulnerable self we attempt to protect from its siblings of powerlessness, fear, abandonment and pain are feelings we all relate to but shield from the outside world. With Lawrence’s honest approach to painting we see him not only inviting, but exalting vulnerability to its highest form onto the canvas. This also shows a sense of playfulness in the artist’s personal journey, where lucid pools of mental pigments pull down the veil of reality.

Step into the warehouse and find a space in the paintings where you can lose yourself in imagery and colour – a shifting family of shapes and shadows".